Sam Orlando Miller: The Sky Blue Series on view at Hedge Gallery

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Hedge Gallery presents the American debut of Sam Orlando Miller with a solo exhibition of new works in glass and silver. This collection of Untitled Mirrors, Tables, Lanterns, and Boxes reveal Miller’s fluency working with form and reflection.

Within this series Miller explores the thought of sky as metaphor – a distant space that is beyond us, around us, everywhere yet invisible. He likens the sky to the mind – dark and light, clear and hazy, intangible and mysterious. Gazing into these sculptural objects the world appears transformed. What you see reflected is re-ordered and fragmented.

“What preoccupies me the most with my work is the constant shifting between the imagined world and the real one,” says Miller, “making this series of sculptures is an attempt to reconcile these seemingly incompatible worlds. Cutting out pieces of sky to hang on the wall, I thought, how could I do that?”

Born in London in 1966, Miller grew up in the family silver trade. Surrounded by English craftsmen he learned not only how to work with precious materials, but a skillful approach to making beautiful objects. In 1987 he graduated with a degree in fine art. He ran a successful London design business creating objects and interiors. In 2002, compelled by a desire to spend time in a rural landscape, he set up a studio in a remote part of Italy where he makes his work alone.

Hedge Gallery is located at 501 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133.
Opening hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11 am – 6 pm, and Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm.