Rock Solid Design

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'rectangular floor lamp' by Jan Jander

“As a curator and a collector, the work of architect and designer Jan Jander appeals to me on many levels.  I appreciate both the boldness and simplicity of his designs, which have more in common with modern sculpture than most contemporary furniture [see his lamp at left].  One senses a kindred spirit with the likes of Donald Judd and Richard Serra. I admire the superior craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail that Jander puts into each piece, which is no small feat in the unconventional and unforgiving medium of concrete.  As someone who lives with Jander’s work, I value above all its comfort and functionality. His ability to transform a cold, hard medium into a thing of beauty and warmth is nearly alchemical.”

Graham C. Boettcher
Curator, Birmingham Museum of Art,
Birmingham, Alabama