Moroso Traveling Show Hits Miami

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The Moroso Traveling Show features unprecedented collaboration between the Italian furniture design company Moroso and the award winning design firm The Rockwell Group. Currently on display until through February 18 at 4141 Design Group in Miami, the show opened to remarkable praise in New York and continued on to Chicago where it was met with equal excitement. The mobile showroom allows for the drama of Moroso’s collection to perform in a dynamic Rockwell environment while reintroducing the concept of the pop up shop as a creative sales venue.

Founded as an upholstery workshop more than sixty years ago, Moroso is known for its expertise in turning sculptural forms into functional and innovative furnishings. One of their most creative compositions on display is a re-imagined boardwalk structure consisting of horizontal and vertical pallets made from unfinished wood frames, upholstery tacks and theatrical clamp lighting. The traveling exhibition will continue in Mexico City, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia and Dallas.