Erica Rosenfeld’s Shrine to a Dream

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Artist Erica Rosenfeld has an artisan’s hand, a magpie’s eye, and a knack for the surreal. Like Remembering a Dream the Day After…, Rosenfeld’s first solo exhibition at New York’s Heller Gallery (through May 21), features sculptural installations that delight at first glance and reward close inspection.

Mounted to the walls are lustrous clouds in metallic pink, mother-of-pearl, and black as dark as an oil well. Each sculpture is a technical feat, an amalgam of gently concave glass disks, hand-blown and individually carved and assembled by the artist. Swarms of paper bunnies, fixed on long pins in the manner of specimens, rise from the ground. Elsewhere, mounds of eggshells, repurposed by Rosenfeld and treated to an opalescent finish, yield milky glass rabbits.

The exhibition is, in the words of the artist, a “shrine to a dream”, but it’s a reverie grounded in a sharp vision and meticulous handwork.



Like Remembering a Dream the Day After… runs through May 21 at Heller Gallery, New York.