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CERAMICS, A NEW EXHIBITION at Gallery Vallois, highlights ceramic work produced by Francis Delille Editions. The company’s founder, Francis Delille, has spent a lifetime translating artists’ ideas. Over the course of forty-five years, Francis Delille Editions, also the exhibition’s curator, has realized almost thirteen hundred limited editions in a variety of media and has worked with roughly one hundred artists—including Francis Bacon and Robert Rauschenberg. For ceramics, Delille and each artist collaborate with the workshop of La Tuilerie, a former brick and tile factory located in Treigny, a small town in the Burgundy region of France.

Featuring almost twenty international artists, most of whom have primarily worked in other media, the variety of results in Ceramics speaks to clay’s elasticity. It takes on the language of optics for Venezuelan Carlos Cruz-Diez and blends Chinese calligraphy with abstraction in the work of Zao Wou-Ki. Sayed Haider Raza’s example wall pieces rely on richly hued glazes to convey subtle depth, not unlike his paintings. For Dutch artist Corneille, line takes on several playful iterations.

Ceramics (on view until October 22) also includes a solo exhibition of ceramic editions by the Argentina-born, Parisbased artist Antonio Segu., offering the artist’s cartoon-like satire served up on a plate. vallois.com