A rare glimpse inside the art-filled home of designer Jacques Grange

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Pieces from French interior designer Jacques Grange’s wide-ranging collection of art, design, and antiques, which have long filled his elegant Paris apartment, will soon be up for sale at Sotheby’s on November 21st in his hometown. Known and coveted for his discerning eye, he has guided such celebrated figures as Yves Saint Laurent, Francis Ford Coppola and daughter Sofia Coppola, Ronald Lauder, and Princess Caroline of Hanover in how to add verve and style to their homes. The auction, consisting of 177 lots, illustrates Grange’s diverse and evolving tastes, from standout twentieth century design pieces to nineteenth century drawings and Symbolist work, from such masters as Pablo Picasso, Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, Donald Judd, Eileen Gray, Joseph Hoffman, Henri Mattise, and Alexander Calder, to name a few.

In advance of the sale, we had the chance to speak with Grange about his rich and varied collection, as well as get an exclusive, insider’s look at these works in his apartment overlooking the Palais-Royal, which fittingly, was once the home of novelist and avid art collector Colette.

Nicole Anderson/MODERN Magazine: Can you tell me what drew you to certain works or objects?

Jacques Grange: My passion for art in general and for discovering new things, new artists. I’m always curious about a work’s provenance and the history behind the objects themselves, particularly when they come from the collections of legendary writers or patrons of the arts.

MM: How would you characterize your collection and what will be sold at Sotheby’s?

JG: They are a mix, much like the sale, which represents most of my personal collection. Many designers and artists from across the twentieth century are reflected: from American and Austrian to English and French. There is also Italian and American contemporary art, works from the Arte Povera Movement, and minimalist objects mixed with pop and symbolist art. There are works by Picasso, Léger, and various surrealist painters, with a great sense of color throughout.

MM: Why did you decide to put these works up for auction?

JG: I’m pursuing a new energy, which gives me the means to turn my eye to new pieces of art, a kind of "fresh start.” I’m looking towards the future and letting go of some of the past.

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Sculpture by Alexandre Noll, circa 1950. Ebony, signed “ANoll” close to the base
. Estimate : 12,000 — 15,000 EUR.

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