‘Valentine’ Sofa

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new sens Valentine Sofa 263 silo

Matinée Idyll

“As everyone knows, before he became an interior designer, the late William Haines was an actor—always playing the dashing young lad role—so he knew all about visual verve. I have always looked to his sense of chicness as an inspiration for interior design and television set decor projects. One of my hobbies is to try and spot Haines’s originals in classic movies, like the ‘Brentwood’ chair that can be seen in the opening of The Palm Beach Story, the 1942 Preston Sturges comedy for Paramount Pictures. So I’m very pleased that the company he founded, William Haines Designs, has just reissued his ‘Valentine’ sofa—a piece of pure modernism that will always be in style.”

Peter Gurski,
set decorator and interior designer, Los Angeles